By Paula Carozzo

It’s clear that skin care is having quite a moment. 2018 marked new make-up launches, lip fillers, the non-surgical nose job, and neglected a big part of skincare. 2019 relaxed on the cosmetology procedures, but had a huge focus on loving your bare skin, minimizing your skincare routine because less is more, CBD retinols and sustainable beauty. Consumers have also become aware of what they are putting on their skin, and have banned harmful ingredients while adopting the “less is more philosophy” with their routines. The beauty industry has evolved, and as always, trends come and go. Here are the predictions of the skincare trends that everyone will be buzzing about in 2020.

Gua Sha Tool

Similar to the jade roller, the Gua Sha Tool is made from jade or rose quartz and meant to be lightly scraped across the skin to reduce inflammation, boost collagen and get that “glow”. Gua sha can be used on the body, but it’s used more in the face as esthetician Danna Omari from @noyskincare shows us in her morning routine. The Gua Sha tool is moved upward across the skin in upward strokes to improve lymphatic drainage while breaking down internal tissue and deep muscular tension. The tool has gained a lot of popularity on social media and is used as an alternative to facial massage to enhance the skin until your next facial is due.

Encapsulated Skin Care

Have you heard the word encapsulation in skincare yet? Encapsulated skincare, also known as ampoules, is setting the new way to beauty for 2020. Beauty brands like Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, and Eve Lom are creating tiny capsules that block and preserve the perfect amount of ingredients from air and light, which causes pollution and decreases the results once applied to the skin. Considering that some of your products have chemical modifications that disrupt the effectiveness of the product, adding a protective encapsulated coat achieves makes the ingredients more gentle and effective, and allows the product to sink deeper into your skin. Many ampoules are also made from glass; making beauty greener and more sustainable.


CBD, short for cannabidiol, set marks in the beauty industry in 2019 and has no plans of slowing down for 2020. With its many healing properties including anti-inflammation properties and vitamins A,D, and E, beauty brands like Herbivore and Josie Maran are not staying behind from mixing this miracle oil into their concoctions. For many people who suffer from acne, treatments are usually formulated with benzoyl peroxide, retinoid or some kind of acid, which can irritate the skin and worsen the acne before seeing improvement. CBD oil is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, treats psoriasis, and has been scientifically proven to reduce the lipid production from sebaceous glands, which over time leads to acne.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Ever since Kim Kardashian West got the “vampire facial” and regretted it, we all wondered what kind of excruciating treatment that was. PRP, short for Platelet Rich Plasma, is derived from the serum portion of your blood, which contains platelets. Platelets are small colorless cell fragments in our blood that form clogs to stop or prevent bleeding. Once the blood is drawn and spun, your blood is inserted back into the desired area through microneedling to reboot your own growth factors. PRP was huge in 2018, but it recently gained popularity again when the bloody facial turned into breast-lifts, butt-lifts, lip augmentations, and most recently, stretch mark rejuvenation. The treatment is now being sought for different results because of its collagen boosting properties, its ability to heal within and skin tightening benefits.

Anti-Pollution Skin Care

We know that sun-screen is a must. But what about wearing a sun-screen that also blocks pollution? The concerns of air pollution have increased, and that brings us to question: are products shielding our skin from pollution in the air? Our skin is the main interface between our bodies and pollutants from road traffic, power generation, and industry waste. Air pollution contributes to skin aging, wrinkles, dark spot formation and even acne. In 2019 we saw an increase in pollution-battling products like the Jurlique Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser with a powerful blend of natural antioxidants to cleanse your skin while protecting the skin against environmental aggressors. Dr. Barbara Sturm also launched her Anti-Pollution Drops, which shields your skin from smoke and smog while warding off damage from blue light ––your phone screen.

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