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One thing is for certain, Art is always in the eye of the beholder. It’s something we can’t help to admire no matter what opinion we have on it. For centuries we’ve been beholding some artwork above others, but why? What classifies today’s Art? What makes it so sought after?

The key is hunting for pieces that offer more than meets the eye. For spaces that are really modern and might be more sparse, I really like paintings because they can be a larger format and really textural. In places that lean heavily on concrete and almost industrial materials, paintings can be a really natural fit because you do get the additional layer of texture and warmth.

Forget about the fuzzy florals your grandmother had up on her dining room walls. With the rise of greenery and more organic pieces, floral artworks has strayed from the standard and now the living subject has taken on more striking forms. These days it’s more about abstract selections that lean on the viewer’s expectations of patterns rather than providing the classic form.

Push boundaries of prints that break the linear plane. Whether it’s a true sculpture, an organically shaped accent or glowing neon, artists are pushing limits these days to breakthrough the ordinary.

No matter the piece the investment is both monetary and emotional. Now is a great time to start collecting art, especially if you have a few favorite artists in mind. Collecting art feeds passion of the heart, very few people collect art purely for financial returns. If you’ve been following a few artists but haven’t made a move to purchase yet, this is the best time to do it.

While our future economic factors will influence values and prices, these calculations don’t compare to the satisfaction in acquiring a piece that you love and can afford so if you’re ready to start your search for the perfect piece follow the world of Art Living Miami and allow us to curate your imagination.

Isabel Fernandez


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