5 Steps to Body Positivity

By Annie Vazquez

After being body shamed for years and believing my body wasn’t good enough, I decided to change my story. I wanted self-love, I wanted to feel good about myself and I wanted to help others feel empowered the same way. People always ask me how I did it. It took a lot of time, but like everything in life, the more you practice, the better we become.

Here’s 5 steps to get you started to being more body positive:

Step 1 Look in a full length mirror everyday and explore how amazing and unique your body truly is. Embrace every inch of it knowing it is special and shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s.

Step 2 Change the way you talk to your body. Instead of saying, what you don’t like about it, focus on what you do love. Once you do this, the next step is to address the parts, you are not yet comfortable with. When you speak to those parts say: I am learning to love you and I am grateful to have you. For example, you could say: “I am learning to love my thighs and I am grateful they help me walk.” Eventually, you’ll get more playful and fun about it and say things like “I love my stretch marks, because they remind me that I am a tiger” or “I cherish` my laugh lines” because they trace back to many wonderful moments of joy in my life.”

Step 3 Realize that wrinkles, stretch marks, freckles under eye circles, scars, and birth marks is natural on every human.

Step 4 Honor your body by eating more plant based foods. These foods help you naturally feel more positive, clear, energized and are packed full of lots vitamins. Taking care of your body is body positivity.

Step 5 Move your body. Exercising is vital to body positivity. Whether it is simple walking, swimming, or yoga, your body was made to move. Movement helps keep your muscles strong and body functioning well. It promotes calmness, balance and arms you with energy. It doesn’t matter what you do to move as long as it is something you love and can do at least 3x a week.

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